15 Minutes A Day To A New Life


Are You Stuck? In Business? At Work? In Relationship? In Life?


No matter what it is you are facing, this little book that takes no time at all to read will help you get to where you are going!


In this book, Dr. Samir Ahmad shares how he emerged from the slums of New York City. And how he overcame learning disabilities such as ADHD, Dyslexia, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from childhood sexual abuse.


Coincidentally his journey out of hell started with a book he found while digging through a dumpster.


  • Use the most powerful tool you have to shape your future.
  • Turn your past negative experience into your superpower.
  • Learn to solve negative narratives in seconds.
  • Reverse disempowering beliefs turn them into decisive actions.
  • Turn your disabilities to your abilities.
  • Turn small habits into tremendous results.
  • Navigate the winds of constant change.
  • Develop a Bullet Proof Mindset.
  • Learn habits of the ‘Ultra Successful.’


This is not a ‘Memoir’ but a simple 8 step guide (workbook included) that will transform your life from the inside so that you have the tools to overcome the challenges you may be facing. The work you do will be invisible to everyone around you, but the results will speak to the world—the ‘Invisible to the Visible.’


This could easily be a 300-page book that would have commanded a much higher price. Instead, keeping it small and easy to read was done purposely to show gratitude to the universe for overcoming his difficulties. And with the understanding that nothing is more fulfilling than being of service to others.



Written by Samir Ahmad.


Produced by Q~Publishing and




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