I am a medical doctor with specialized training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Cornell Medical Center at The New York Hospital. Prior to that, I was a Family Medicine Physician at the North Shore University Hospital in Long Island. During my training and throughout my career, I have worked with professional athletes and celebrities in their post-operative rehabilitation. After completing my specialty training, I served as the Medical Director of three Rehabilitation Centers in Upstate NY.

Now that you’ve read up on my professional background, I want to share some personal information with you as well. In spite of my extensive medical knowledge and specialized training, I was overweight for all of my life until I uncovered this formula. Up until this point, my strategy was to starve myself and exercise excessively. This was usually followed up by periods of binge eating. All that I wanted to do was to feel better about myself, and this cyclical madness (binging and starving) somehow translated into the upside-down way in which I ran things in all other aspects of my life. My life was pretty much a series of extremes.

I’m going to give you a brief health background in order to show you that ANYONE can follow the plan that I’m going to share with you. I was born with an auto-immune disorder called Psoriasis, which usually causes an ugly, painful rash and, in some cases, it leads to inflammatory arthritis (Psoriatic Arthritis). Then in 1994, I suffered a traumatic injury to my back, which resulted in a complex spinal condition consisting of nerve damage and a host of other related joint problems. If this wasn’t bad enough, there was a point at which my Psoriatic rash spun out of control, and I would get burning plaques all over my body. For two years, doctors could not accurately diagnose my skin condition, as it didn’t look like anything they had ever seen. They speculated and gave it different names, and we tried various experimental medications. Finally, when after everything had failed, I was put on steroids (oral corticosteroids, not the ones that give you muscles).

As a side effect of those steroids, my health deteriorated further, which resulted in kidney failure. Additionally, I suffered from anxiety, emotional pain, and depression related to this constant and unyielding physical discomfort. Everything I was prescribed to manage these issues failed to relieve my pain or improve my condition.

My unmanageable health issues lead to my excessive weight gain and a near-death experience. It wasn’t until I changed my diet that my health improved. Within 6 months, I was off all medications. Again, the ONLY reason I am divulging this personal information is to help the people who believe that their disabilities or limitations will prevent them from looking and feeling better about themselves. I want to help you improve the quality of your life. It is my mission to show you that there is true hope, and I am living proof of this!

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