5 Simple Steps to KEEPING WEIGHT OFF, no exercise required!

5 Simple Steps to Keeping Weight Off- no exercise required!




I’m Dr. Sarosh Quereshy, the developer of the wave program, which helps you keep weight off and, in turn, makes you healthier, improves how you feel, and gives you that youthful appearance and energy. In the 2000’s I researched, developed, and published (2011) High-Intensity Interval Training which people now call HIIT. Over the past few years, I have been working on a program to help fortify weight loss by using the power of the mind, and that led me to what I call the wave program.



Who Is This For?


  • You’ve spent time doing heart-pounding exercises that don’t make a dent. Or you lose weight and then gain it back—you’re sick of not being able to have one reliable solution.

  • You’ve been hopping from one diet to another, and the frustration is building up.

  • You don’t feel good about yourself in the clothes you wear, or maybe you have to keep changing your wardrobe as time goes by because the clothes you bought don’t fit. 

  • Maybe you even stopped going to the beach because you can feel people judging you.

Or Maybe…


  • You stopped attending social gatherings or doing things you love because you don’t feel good about yourself.

  • Maybe you’ve even stopped looking at yourself in the mirror because you don’t like what you see and you don’t understand what has happened and how.


Well, if you feel that way… I have VERY GOOD NEWS for you!








(Once you make these shifts)


  • You will have a formula for sustained weight loss for life. The anxiety, frustration, lack of self-confidence will be a thing of the past. You will have tremendous energy; you will look and feel YOUNGER.
  • You’re not going to be wasting money on fat-busting, super thermogenic supplements because every week, you will see your clothes feeling looser. And you will begin to love the reflection in your mirror again as the fat melts away.
  • And you might take all that money you saved on weight loss books, programs, and merchandise and buy yourself that sleeveless sexy dress you thought you’d never be able to pull off again! YOU WILL TURN HEADS WHEREVER YOU GO!!
  • You will get results that will make you so proud of yourself. and imagine how proud your family and friends will be. Everyone will want to know how you are doing it day after day with ease and, best of all, no stress or hunger.
  • And let’s not forget all the changes in your body will create a healthier you because, let’s face it, aside from looks, your loved ones want you around for a long time!


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